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Can Christians Identify With The World? It’s Time to Be Real.

The world sees Christians as a bunch of self righteous hypocrites. Because Christians denounce certain ways of living and certain lifestyles, they are considered “holier than thou.”

But it’s time to be real. Who are Christians? How did they get to be Christian? And why are they Christian?

Who are Christians? They are people who engaged in sexual immorality, idolatry, adultery, sexual perversion, homosexuality, fraud, greed, drunkenness, verbal abuse, or extortion. They are people who stole, lied, cheated, and committed perjury. They are people who experienced every form of lifestyle imaginable.

In my younger years, I qualified for every lifestyle listed above. If not practically, most assuredly in my thought processes.

Christians are people who have at one time been used, mistreated, abused, raped, enslaved, tortured, maimed, and discarded by society. They are the lowly and despicable in society.

Christians are those from every aspect of society imaginable. No one can look at Christians and say, “But you don’t know!” or “Christians didn’t have to experience or go through this!” or, “You have no clue what I’m experiencing.”

These are simply lies that keep a person from listening to the testimonies of Christians that reveal the ability of God to free them.

Some one might say, “But there you go! You judge that someone needs to be freed. Maybe they love their life and want to be like they are! Who are you to judge?!”

Christians are people who at one time thought that very thing! Not only did they believe it, many taught it. But they did get free! Of all people, they know how they were at one time, and they know the power of God to set them free. Christians were at one time blinded in bondage, all the while declaring the sweet life, only to find deception at the end.

Christians know that those who are living lives full of sexual immorality, lust, greed, selfish ambition and the like, but think it’s ok, simply haven’t been awakened yet to it’s deceitfulness.

So how did they become Christian? Christians are those once unbelieving, who became awakened to the deceitfulness of their lifestyle. They recognized the fruitlessness of their lifestyle. They recognize the destruction, the family discord, the lack of true abundant life. They hit the bottom of their belief system that completely fails them leaving them feeling abandoned, empty, worthless, a failure, a fake.

Even the joining of hands and singing Kumbaya with those of “like unbelief” does nothing to heal the wounded soul. They’ve been lied too, cheated on, abused, and destroyed by society and the world system. The world system is a harsh, destructive place, full of pain, misery, sorrow and suffering.

Some of you reading this right now know exactly what I’m talking about. The Spirit of the living God is working on you, and you’re thinking “That’s me!”

This is the awaking that every true Christian experiences. They’re awakened to the fact that there’s something more. And they want it! They hear the truth for the first time. The truth in the power of God to make your life brand new. To be “Born Again” (John 3:3) and to start life all over! A fresh start with a new vision.

Those ”Born Again“ believers grasp hold by faith the vision of God’s wonderful kingdom as revealed by Jesus the Christ. They believe Jesus, because He backed up what He said by performing life changing miracles. Jesus loved all the weak, tired, sick, abused, neglected, the poor, and the lowly of society. He restored them.

And after Jesus was hung on the cross until dead, He rose again and appeared to thousands teaching them even more about His wonderful kingdom available for those thirsting for goodness. It’s proven He’s alive today, simply veiled, in the realm of the unseen that He so passionately taught about.

Christians know Jesus was the real deal and that He is still alive. Even though hidden beyond sight, their faith is that He is empowering them with His overcoming authority. These new creations believe that they can be empowered to live a life rich in meaning. A life fulfilled! A life that is full of joy, peace, and hope! No more excuses because God’s Spirit indwells them, empowering them to live out all the commands of God that enrich life!

Why are they Christian? Because they’ve left the old life behind and have fallen in love with the God who has saved them.

They know the King who died to bring life back to their wearisome soul! They are grateful for the sacrificial death of their King on the cross because His blood speaks on their behalf saying “They’re free! They have a destiny! They are washed clean! Their souls are being healed! All the old abusive, deceitful ways are gone! They’re made new and they are a beautiful thing! They are now right in every way! They are kings and priests! They now have eternal life of joy and great peace! Even though they will die, they will live and have eternal "life to the full!” The blood speaks over them assuring them of their new life and their victory, at the same time the blood shouts down the lies spoken against believers.

That’s why they are Christians! And no one from the old crowd, the sexual immoral, the idolatrous, the adulterous, the sexual perverse, the homosexuality, the fraudulent, the greedy, the drunk, the verbally abusive, or the extortionists will ever be able to convince them that their lifestyle is better and more rewarding.

It’s time to be real! It’s not like Christians don’t know or understand how awful life can be, or what it feels like to be trapped in sin. They’ve experienced these things, and they’ve found that faith in Jesus Christ and His Kingdom has far great blessings and promises than the old deceitful life they lived.

They’re forever free!

Scripture Reading:

“Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit or have any share in the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate [by perversion], nor those who participate in homosexuality, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers [whose words are used as weapons to abuse, insult, humiliate, intimidate, or slander], nor swindlers will inherit or have any share in the kingdom of God. And such were some of you [before you believed]. But you were washed [by the atoning sacrifice of Christ], you were sanctified [set apart for God, and made holy], you were justified [declared free of guilt] in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the [Holy] Spirit of our God [the source of the believer’s new life and changed behavior]. Everything is permissible for me, but not all things are beneficial. Everything is permissible for me, but I will not be enslaved by anything [and brought under its power, allowing it to control me]. Food is for the stomach and the stomach for food, but God will do away with both of them. The body is not intended for sexual immorality, but for the Lord, and the Lord is for the body [to save, sanctify, and raise it again because of the sacrifice of the cross]. And God has not only raised the Lord [to life], but will also raise us up by His power.” 1 Corinthians 6:9-14 AMP

If while reading this blog you have been awakened to the possibility of a better life, please let us know at hisgoodkingdom@yahoo.com

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