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And so it begins...

In 2019, a group from FRC Kingdom Builders attended the Great Lakes prayer conference held at Grant Park  in Chicago, Illinois.

After the conference Herb & I and Ken & Lori Schwaegerle felt a strong commissioning to pray over Michigan. Herb and I felt we were to set aside a time to drive the perimeter of Michigan and stand in the gap, repenting and calling Michigan to align with the Kingdom of God. There was also instruction by Holy Spirit to pour salt into the Great Lakes as a symbol of the purifying work of the Holy Spirit. Ken & Lori felt the waters were their part in the assignment. At the time of this commissioning, Herb & I were full-time caregivers and unable to leave to fulfill this assignment.

Our Story

At the conference we had wrist bands placed on us to give entrance to the park.  Our host said that four of us from our group were leaders.  We corrected them and told them we were just attendees, but they said, "No, you have leadership bands."  We felt this was a prophetic sign letting us know that we would lead others in the state of Michigan. 

There was a prophetic word given regarding God starting a Holy Ghost fire over Great Lakes.  Herb & I felt we were to take a prayer journey around the state of Michigan and pray over the state.  That night we went to sleep in our hotel.  Just before midnight the fire alarms in the hotel went off.  They rang and rang.  We got up and met Ken and Lori in the lobby.  There were fire trucks around the hotel but no fire.  We suddenly realized this too was a prophetic sign the a Holy Ghost fire was breaking out over the Great Lakes and we had a part to play in it through our prayers and intercession.

The picture of the fire truck to the right is a prophetic sign that occurred the night after the conference.  It was prophesied at the conference that Holy Spirit was releasing a fire over the Great Lakes.  Right around midnight, the fire alarms in our hotel went off and continued to ring until we got up.  The hotel had no fire but the alarms went off and called in several firetrucks that surrounded the hotel.  This was a prophetic sign that fire of the Holy Spirit is to break out in the Great Lakes region.

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