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Kalamazoo County

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Our next stop was Kalamazoo County.

Went to Kalamazoo County Seat to pray.  The Holy Spirit was training us about items we might potentially need. For example, we found out sometimes we would need coins for parking meters. We learned something every time we went out. Herb and I don't carry cash so we literally felt stuck and began to ask God to provide coins for parking. We were driving my parents' car so I started looking under the seats for a possible dropped coin. We found an old metal mint container that was super heavy. It held coins! We paid for parking and moved into praying and decreeing. (We thanked my parents later for sowing into our ministry. 😆)

Herb went into the building to see if we were in the right place and the second he walked through the door, the power went off for 5 seconds, then came back on. Powerful angelic presence.

We took communion with the ground and poured oil upon it declaring what it symbolized. 

We felt as though we were being watched by demons. 

We prayed and declared the Robert Hunt prayer.  We prophesied that Kalamazoo would open to the Kingdom of God and the goodness of God.  Took authority over that which hinders and commanded it to release the area.  Spoke that Kalamazoo would now burn bright with the glory of God.

The name Kalamazoo translates as "boiling pot," "boiling water," and "where the water boils" originate from this legend. Others have said the name translates to "mirage," "reflecting river," or even "smothered."


Prophetic word:

Kalamazoo, your name means boiling pot of boiling water. It also means reflecting river.  We declare Kalamazoo, that you reflect, and you mirror the image of the face of God and you reflect the values and the atmosphere of the kingdom of God. You will be a place of fire, of great heat of the kingdom of God. You will no more be smothered, but the wind of the Spirit will blow through you from your upper border to your lower border from your east border to the west border. You will breathe of the breath of the Spirit and live in Jesus name.


Very big significant storms during the night.  Felt intense spiritual warfare.  Took authority over the storm, declaring “peace!”.  It subsided suddenly.

Found out a week later a Dark Circus was coming to Portage. Some other intercessors covered that.


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