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The Power of Kingdom Emotions

I'm going to tell you a story that shows how we add fun to our day using our imagination and at the same time cause Kingdom emotions to be released to carry in miracles.

Recently a friend gave us three wool balls to place in the dryer to help absorb moister and shorten the drying time of our clothes. We put a fragrance on the balls, like lavender, and it freshens our laundry. These balls bounce around in the clothes and when the cycle is complete we find them in all sorts of places.

Some hide up sleeves of sweaters. Some hide in pockets! Some hide in underwear! You never know where you will find them hiding. Once we even found them in a sock! When we find them, we catch ourselves saying something like, "There you are you sneaky little thing!" or "Thought you could get on over on me did you?" Then we return them to the dryer and (in our imagination) we see the balls reacting with a disgruntled look.

And somehow in the midst of our make-believe conversation with a dryer ball, we find our mood has shifted and we smile. Our animated imagination has been used, once again to lift us up to a happier release of Kingdom emotion. Yes, I said Kingdom emotion. And sometimes, in these dark times of terrible reports in our world, this is a necessary part of refocusing and shifting our thinking.

You see, when you spend time meditating on the bad news that is all around you, your mood turns negative. You'll feel yourself having what I call "a grungy, grey, yucky feeling" in your gut.

One of the things we've got to learn is that Jesus did everything He did by releasing a Kingdom emotion called "compassion". Jesus was moved by compassion. Compassion is warmth, love, gentleness, mercy and kind-heartedness. These are Kingdom emotions.

It's difficult for us to receive God's promises if we have conflicting emotions going on inside ourselves. The atmosphere of the Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit (Romans 14:17), all Kingdom emotions. It's important for us to watch what we input into ourselves because what goes in, comes out, often by way of negative emotions. And some of us have not realized that we are blocking our own miracle by meditating on all the negative around us, stifling Kingdom emotions.

How badly do you want to receive your miracle? Maybe, just maybe it is time to lighten up. Use your imagination in some silly way to break through all the negative, grey, grungy feelings you've been living in and shift your emotions to joy. Create the atmosphere for God to do a miracle in your life, even if you have to draw faces on your dryer balls!

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