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Taking Back What Is Ours

The kingdom of darkness is not creative in nature. It can only take what the Lord of the Kingdom of Light has created and pervert it.

The kingdom of darkness then lays claim to those things, and then Christians abandon those things because they’ve become perverted.

Things like meditation, visualization, out of body experiences, using imagination to engage the spiritual world.

All these are biblical examples of things belonging to believers that the demonic has hijacked and perverted; they’re gifts for God’s children to engage the Kingdom of light here on this earth. We’re simply told to test the spirits we engage, to see if they are of God. (1 John 4:1)

Testing spirits revealed through man is the beginning point of testing spirits. The spirits whispering in your ears and into your mind need tested as well, just as those engaged in meditation and through the imagination.

It’s time to take back the gifts given to the children of the Lord.

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