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The Power of Serving

I just came back from an awesome weekend of serving at the encounter Men’s Encounter in Lapeer, Michigan. What an amazing time!

Of about 35 attendees, three found Jesus, and 16 baptisms, and many more rededicated themselves anew to the Lord.  All were changed and found a new level of freedom in Christ. This all happened in an atmosphere of servitude set by the servers.

When we serve Him appropriately, lives will changed! 

Transforming power is released in true servant hood. This is why Jesus said, “Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant.” People really are not impressed with positions or how much you know, but rather how much you care.

Father, I pray a releasing of the servant’s heart upon the body of Christ. No judging,  no condemning, just love and serving, breaking free the captives just as your Son did. In Jesus name.

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